Returning to church-based worship – safely – confidently

In the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ we read of in Matthew’s gospel, we are told that visitors were welcomed in their thousands – yesterday’s ‘Service on the Mount’ at Schloß Solitude welcomed a humble 20 adults plus 6 youngsters.

And yet joy was had – at gathering together and seeing those we have not seen since early March, at enjoying the Eucharist for the first time since early March, at conversations, at being in the outdoors and sunshine, in being grateful for health and well-being, at being able to sing for the first time since early March and that with no mask on…

Those on Council and others will know that I am working hard at facilitating a return to Church-based worship.
Currently those attending the R2C service on Saturday evenings come from a pool of around 17 people of which, on any given weekend, around 10-12 will gather for worship.

Among those who don’t –

  • There are those still anxious about travelling on public transport – please stay home!
  • There are those in contact with or even actively supporting vulnerable people like elderly relatives – please stay home!
  • There are those with a medical history (and those living with them) – please stay home!

I am interested in others though, so please write to me …

  • Those who say – distancing doesn’t square with my understanding of fellowship….
  • Those who say – singing is such a significant part of my worship if I can’t sing…..
  • Those who say – the full Eucharist is such a significant part of my worship I will return when we can stand together in that big circle again receiving bread and wine…….
  • Those who say – having to sign up doesn’t square with my idea of going to church…..
  • Some – who have admitted to having got out of the habit of coming to church
  • Some – who have admitted that the flexibility of Online provision and the variety of it and the time it saves for other things is more appealing…
  • Some (only one so far) – from whom Saturday doesn’t do it for you ….. it needs to be Sunday morning

Clearly there are several things here which I cannot change but there might be things that are possible…. so
I am trying to form a picture firstly, and then find ways to facilitate a return to church for more of you – please let me know anything that will assist me in this task…..

IF you missed OutdoorChurch at Solitude because you had other plans (I know at least 4 were away on a mini break and at least 2 were ill and some recovering from illness) – the next OutdoorChurch will be:

Service in the Park – Sunday 13th September 2020
@11:00 Killesberg

Don’t forget to register with Alison if you are planning to attend R2C on Saturday 11th July.
Don’t forget to register online if you are planning to attend R2C and the ACM on Saturday 18th July.

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