Epiphany Season – 17. January 2021

Theme: come see hear 



Opening Hymn:

An Opening Prayer
Almighty God, you speak to us in so many ways.
Help us, in our worship today, to hear your voice and
know it is you.
Speak to us in the silence, through Scripture and by the Spirit.
Speak through others and through your creation,
through images, experiences, music and encounters.
Speak in ways that we can understand.
So, speak, Lord – and help us to listen.

A Thanksgiving Prayer
Thank you, Lord, that you know us and can see our potential
– for you know who we are created to be.
We thank you for all the people you have placed in our lives
– parents, teachers, guardians, friends, whoever they may be
– people who have made a real difference.
We thank you for the blessings of relationships,
but most of all for our relationship with you.
Help us to bless others in your name.
Thank you, Lord, that when we are hurt,
confused or unsure about something or someone, we can come to you
– thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit’s wisdom and guidance.
Lord, our hearts are lifted by your presence in our lives.
All glory to you with thanks and praise. Amen.


Psalm 139

Response: Oh Lord you have searched me out and know me.

The Gospel:

Today we hear about two friends who have an unexpected encounter with Jesus and initially react in very different ways. Together, Philip and Nathanael help each other to understand who Jesus is and they begin a journey that will redefine who they are.

Nathanael is surprised that Jesus knows not only his name, but much about him too. Jesus knows each of us as individuals but sometimes, like Nathanael, we can wonder ‘Why would God be interested in me?’ Some of us will be, like Philip, keen to follow straight away. Some of us will be more like Nathanael – full of questions and concerns. This story shows that wherever we are, Jesus finds us and knows us. Are we looking and listening out for him – and helping others to do so?


  • What circumstances or environment help you to see or hear God?
  • How might we help each other to look and listen for God?

Audio reflection:


Come and see,
and join in praying for the people of the world waiting to hear good news.

Loving God, we pray for the states of America to be united in the days and weeks ahead.
We pray for an end to violence, for wisdom and protection for President-elect Joe Biden and all who will take office in a few days’ time. We pray for those threatening to disrupt the inauguration, and for the police force and those entrusted with keeping the law and peace.
Lord, hear our prayer and draw us all closer to you.

We pray for those around the world at the mercy of extreme weather conditions.
We pray for the people of Japan, of Indonesia, especially those rescue workers who died trying to save others, for those bereaved in the plane crash, for those in our own country without power and heat. We pray for those tackling the climate change challenges of our time and for our own response in our day to day lives.
Lord, hear our prayer and draw us all closer to you.

We pray for all who are pushed to their limits at work and at home, for Intensive Care Staff, for all in the emergency services, for doctors, teachers and school staff, for parents and students, for all whose mental health is at breaking point. We pray for those in Government and all whose decisions affect millions of lives. And we pray for one another as we respond to the restrictions locally and nationally and internationally.
Lord, hear our prayer and draw us all closer to you.

We pray for those whose businesses are closed, whose shops are locked up, whose rooms have no guests, for those whose money is running out, for those on the brink of despair.
Lord, hear our prayer and draw us all closer to you.

We pray for your church, entrusted with the good news of Jesus, and charged with serving all those in need. We pray for hospital chaplains, for those ministering to the bereaved, and for one another as we seek to share our faith and our hope in Jesus Christ.
Lord, hear our prayer and draw us all closer to you.


Collects for the Epiphany season:
Creator of the heavens who led the Magi by a star to worship the Christ-Child: guide and sustain us, that we may find our journey’s end in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Eternal Lord our beginning and our end: bring us with the whole creation to your glory, hidden through past ages and made known in Jesus Christ our Lord.

The ‘Our Father’
We draw all our prayers together in the words of –
Our Father who art in heaven…
…for ever and ever. Amen.

An Affirmation of Faith for Epiphany:

We believe in God,
the creator of all things,
the giver of life and breath.

We believe in Jesus Christ,
born Emmanuel, God with us,
baptized and revealed the most beloved Son of God;
he sought to heal humanity by taking our brokenness upon himself,
suffering for us,
dying for us
and being raised from the dead for our sake
and for the sake of all the world.
We believe that he will come again.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,
continually poured out refreshing our lives,
leading us into a new day,
ever-birthing the church, the body of Christ in the world.
This Spirit is our soul companion and counselor of truth
reminding us
of the gift of faith,
the ever presence of God
and the promise of eternal life.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

A sending out prayer
Lord, what we have learned this day – help us remember.
Teach us to recognise your voice.
Teach us how to see you in our lives and encounters.
Help us to give others space so that they may hear you too.


Closing Hymn:

Organ Voluntary: