St. Catheirne’s News 24th June

Once again I have put to one side for now, what I had planned to write about, because I want to draw the attention of those not in our service yesterday, to the excellent sermon Wolfgang preached. The sermon can be read here.Sermon_230619
The gospel reading Wolfgang was confronted with was a challenging one. The very well known story of Jesus encountering the man who calls himself ‘Legion’. Most preachers get bogged down in trying to update mental health understanding from first century to twenty first century.
Wolfgang mostly gave us two points which are worth reflecting on.

  • what we ourselves, and perhaps others, Name us (in this case Legion) – do circumstances change us, yes of course they do, but do they define us ? it can make the world of difference to say someone has a disability / to call someone a disabled person. Thank you Wolfgang that you call us to pay better attention to the language we use and also to look beyond single aspects and see the whole person made as we all are, in the image of God.
  • what happens when our world falls apart (defining the word legion as splintered) and the gentle reminder he gave us that this is true of all of us at different points in life, to greater or lesser degree, with lesser or greater consequences and that though others might turn away – Jesus meets with us in those times and situations or circumstances.

May these reflections be a blessing to you.                                                                                         (and as always if this or any other sermon throws up personal issues for you – make a time to meet with Kara)

we have now carried out an accessibility audit:

  • a RAMP is available on request
  • a LARGE PRINT order of service is available on request
  • we are working on the SOUND system – please be patient

if you accompany a 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 year old to our services (or have one at home) – would you please drop Kara an email

for teachers dealing with end-of-year work loads
for all suffering stress in the workplace

– we pray for those who have lost confidence in political systems, for those who just don’t care, and for the millions who cannot vote because they don’t have any kind of citizenship

for the next few weeks I would like the St Catherine’s family to learn this blessing please (SST – children too !)

The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. NUMBERS 6

(If you find it easier to learn verses set to music, try the Lord Bless you and keep you by John Rutter)

= Bible StudyWednesday 26.06. @ 19.30 in the home of member Betty – please ask where that is
= our next joint bilingual service AK/AC is on Sunday 30th June @ the usual time of 11.15 which means we will be providing refreshments for 2 sets of people – cake bakers and makers please bear in mind, thank you.
= Ladies’ Evening Group – Tuesday 2nd July and Wednesday 24th July from 19:00 – please e-mail if you would like to join us and we can let you know where we plan to be.

further ahead still:
= there are now THREE baptism dates in the diary – 21.07. / 22.09. / 27.10. – if you are an Adult who has never been baptised please talk to Kara about what that might mean for you and check which date would fit best…..
= Forest Church – we will have an outdoor service on Sunday 28.07. details to follow
= Schulanfänger – please give names to Kara for anyone starting school this September so they can be included in our special starting school service.
= Annual Church Picnic – after church on Sunday 08.09. details to follow
= Harvest – hosted last year by West Africa, hosted this year by India – Sunday 13.10.
= ‘A Harvest of Talents’ – the children (and some adults too please) to lay on a performance evening Saturday 12.10. so get practising – poems / music / reading / reciting / comedy / drama……. what will You bring ?
2020 trip to Oberammergau: for ticket to the Passion Play (only performed once every 10 years !!) plus one night accommodation estimated at around 400 euros –            speak to Christopher or Eric sooner rather than later

gifts or occasional help sought please:

  • technical support especially for ‘Apple’ / iMacs
  • fundraising
  • donations of colouring pencils for the boxes in the back of church. Please give these to one of the Sunday School Team.
  • do you play an instrument – our much loved organist is allowed holidays or enhancement
  • ‘Catering Coordinator’ for our hosting of the chaplains and lay reps (40-50) from all Germany FR 13. / Sa 14.09.19 (this is now in the hands of Eric and Alison so please register interest to help with them or Kara)

offers of help to or speak to Kara

we welcome those new among us and pray they will soon feel at home at St Catherine’s and we have this week said farewell to some ‘short termers’ and pray for safe returns home!
some new faces and also some baptism families to join us for their special day on 21.07. and 22.09. and 27.10.
mentors – befriend and take under your wing one of our new congregation members who are also new to Stuttgart and help them find their feet – please talk to Kingstone or Kara if you would like to be involved in this.

our Chaplaincy Safeguarding Officer is Katy Kefferpütz who can be contacted at should you have any queries or concerns or feedback

Chaplain – most Mondays:14.30 – 16  and  most Saturdays:11.00 – 12.30 and most Thursdays: 930 – 11
If I am not there at these times there will be a very good reason !
Chaplaincy Administrator aka the lovely Lauris – every Thursday:  10.00 – 12.00
I am also at the Centre at other times so feel free to drop in – no appointment needed !
Or DO make an appointment if that suits your needs better.

– firstly a big Thank You to all who give regularly or at all and those who make one-off donations too
– secondly there are now hard copy forms available as well as website links for those who want to switch to ‘Planned giving
– thirdly the next ‘formal’ opportunity to review Planned Giving will be part of our Harvest Celebrations in early October
– finally too an appeal to anyone who has either experience or a passion for fundraising and grant application to join our finance team – you can email them on


St Catherine’s Anglican Church does not receive financial support from the German government or the Diocese in Europe. We depend on the generous financial support of those that worship with us to support our ministry.
Thank you in advance for your support !

Your contributions may be paid by Überweisung to St Catherine’s Church:

The Friends of the English Church e.V.
Evangelische Bank:
IBAN: DE67 5206 0410 0000 4022 22

Arrangements can also be made for those wishing to give from other countries because they no longer live in Stuttgart / Germany – please contact

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