An UPdate in post-lockdown
September 2021

we will be closing this account down before the end of the year which means 2 things

a BIG BIG Thank You to all who contributed and i know what a difference it made
a chance to give to this still has a few weeks …….

June 2021

this may still be with us for another month or for another year; it will continue to be a platform through which every member of the St Catherine’s family can be engaged in helping and being there for others,
– we can’t yet all safely Go to Church but we can Be Church

  • We still need funds please to, quite literally, help feed those who normally rely on Tafel (German equivalent of foodbanks) which are receiving fewer donations
    There are others who have taken significant cut in earnings
    Monies sent will be converted into supermarket vouchers for shopping

Funds can be sent to the church bank account Friends of the English Church e.V. Volksbank Stuttgart IBAN DE39 6009 0100 0587 2530 02
Please clearly mark your donation as ChurchCoronaCare thank you !!

  • The greatest threat to the ongoing welfare of the Chaplaincy and still having a church to return to in the future is paying our fixed costs (the Chaplain and Anglican Centre)
    Some of you support this need through regular and generous Planned Giving others have not yet made this kind of regular financial commitment, but usually give through the weekly collection plate. With no church service and no children holding out a collection basket, this might be an excellent opportunity to rethink how you give. This has now been made easier by adding a PayPal button. Please find a link here to the Giving Page.

OR – Please contact our finance team (aka Jackie) on for more details on setting up a monthly/quarterly transfer or by all means just send funds to the church bank account Friends of the English Church, Volksbank Stuttgart IBAN DE39 6009 0100 0587 2530 02 thank you !!

  • CoronaCare has never been only about finances and though some of the isolation type needs have eased, there are other needs still abounding.
  • The Wardens and Council are working hard on ‘Post Pandemic Planning – a roadmap to sanity’ and there will come a time when everyone will need to help bring things back on stream.
    Please keep your eyes on the website and the emails which are sent out, but spontaneous offers of help will also be crucial.
  • Not everyone has been vaccinated and we are some way still from a return to normality, whatever shape that will take. Kindness and awareness of the stress and anxiety still experienced by some or indeed many should continue to be our hallmark.

May you know Joy and Blessing in any and all of the ways which you seek to help others through these trying times. 

The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace