an UPdate in November Lockdown 2.0 –

this may be with us for a month or for a year,
it will be a platform through which every member of the St Catherine’s family can be engaged in helping and being there for others,
– we can’t Go to Church but we can Be Church

  • We need funds please to, quite literally, help feed those who normally rely on Tafel (German foodbank) which are receiving fewer donations and at least a third of them (nationally) have now closed already.
    There are others who have taken significant cut in earnings
    Monies sent will be converted into supermarket vouchers for shopping

Funds can be sent to the church bank account Friends of the English Church e.V. Volksbank Stuttgart IBAN DE39 6009 0100 0587 2530 02
Please clearly mark your donation as ChurchCoronaCare thank you !!

  • The greatest threat to the ongoing welfare of the Chaplaincy and still having a church to return to in the future is paying our fixed costs (the Chaplain and Anglican Centre)
    Some of you support this need through regular and generous Planned Giving others have not yet made this kind of regular financial commitment, but usually give through the weekly collection plate. With no church service and no children holding out a collection basket, this might be an excellent opportunity to rethink how you give.

Please contact our finance team (aka Jackie) on for more details on setting up a monthly/quarterly transfer or by all means just send funds to the church bank account Friends of the English Church, Volksbank Stuttgart IBAN DE39 6009 0100 0587 2530 02 thank you !!

  • Whilst so far no one needs shopping doing or other such errands – that could change, watch this space.
  • Doing my weekly ‘sweep’ of church members it is already becoming clear to me (and this was only week 2) that lots of us are struggling with the isolation

We have all been told to remember the elderly
There are also single people of any age, and many of them a long way from ‘home’ and ‘loved ones’, perhaps for the first time
There are those who do not have access to or the confidence to communicate electronically
And then there are children and teens missing friends and the social glue that usually makes up their every day even though schools are open many find themselves in quarantine
And parents juggling home office and home school
Single parents
The list is endless

There are STILL lots of ways to get involved:

  • I need photographers
    • to take pictures of anything that might bring Joy – Spring has Sprung – and share them. The same is true for Autumn and now Winter – both can be stunning and photographs can lift the soul. The St. Catherine’s Ladies Evening Group, Stuttgart (LEGS) have a WhatsApp group and are sharing pics of flowers and blossom for those who don’t have a garden which gives us all a lift.
  • finally not everyone reads these emails – please, please, please encourage each other along friendship lines, new or established to look at these emails on the website as a way of keeping connected or to sign up for them in the first place
    and pick up a phone (with or without video) maybe once each day to someone (I have just spoken to someone who is making two phone calls each morning and two each afternoon with the comment “It brings someone into your home”)

    the joy of simply hearing a friendly voice will be more of a gift and indeed a life line than you could ever imagine

May you know Joy and Blessing in any and all of the above

The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace