Welcome to St. Catherine’s

In Stuttgart over the summer? Join us for worship!

Moving to Stuttgart? Why not make St. Catherine’s your ‘Home from home”? Kara writes: In the time I have been in Stuttgart, I’ve been listening to people’s stories about how they came to belong to St Catherine’s, and the words Welcome and Home have come up frequently.
Be it among students or secondees here for a year or two, or those more settled through work or even rooted in Stuttgart through marriage, what they have encountered at St. Catherine’s church is a welcome and a sense of home. Our members feel like they belong and they are valued.

Although part of the Church of England, being called The English Church is in 21st Century Stuttgart a bit of a misnomer as there are now several English language worship options in the city. What remains distinctive about St Catherine’s though, is I believe us to be the most culturally diverse international faith community. We attempt to reflect this in our worship as well as our leadership.

Anglicanism (to which Episcopalians also belong) is important to some, “being part of a rich and diverse community of Christians worldwide, the vibrant, joyful colour which comes from many different nations and cultures having made Anglicanism their own” and “ being a member of this global family gives us a broader, deeper, fuller perspective of who God is, and our place in his world and his purposes”.

Come and join us – through the summer if you’re visiting – or more long term. Bring yourself, friends, family, old and young alike – You’re welcome