Many thanks to those who supported our Open Church event in October.

Good News:
Many thanks to all those who worked so hard and supported the recent Concert in conjunction with the Archdeaconry Synod and our Open Church event which raised €855 and €1000 respectively!

Bad News:
This only goes a small way to making our books balance.
This year’s budget is currently in a deficit of around €8700.

Over the coming months the council will have some difficult decisions to make as to how we as a Chaplaincy can afford to function in the future.

As we are still living with the after-effects of Covid on Sundays, with irregular attendance and low collections, it is very important that we can rely on planned, regular giving as far as possible, rather than just what comes in the collection plate when people are in church.

Please consider prayerfully how much you can afford to give and set up a regular bank transfer (Dauerüberweisung) for this amount. If you don’t have a Euro account, you can also give via Paypal but as Paypal retains some of your gift in fees, please only use this when a bank transfer is not possible.Our account details can be found here or speak to our Treasurer Jackie –

Many thanks in advance for your support.


Impressions from our Jubilee Open Church Event
– 30th April 2022

A retrospective

Our first fund-raising event in nearly 2 years…

St. Catherine’s Bazaar

St. Catherine’s Book Sale