At its very simplest, membership at St Catherine’s is defined by engagement. It is a hallmark of life at St Catherine’s that faith and discipleship is evident in a life of service, and even our children know this and act upon it without the slightest prompting.


We welcome all who wish to worship with us; the settled and the visiting or passing through, the curious, the committed, the doubtful, the devout, the broken, the hungry. You are welcome among us. Nothing is expected of you except that which you are happy to give and to share.


We welcome all baptised Christians to receive communion or a blessing if unsure about communion. We all gather round the Altar as a symbol of our faith and our togetherness on that faith journey, our togetherness in need of God’s grace and his life giving abundance.


If you are more than a one-off visitor, please sign a Consent_Form so we can be in touch with you if you’d like us to be.
You can also sign up to receive the weekly news e-mail via the website.

Electoral Roll

Those who wish to become enrolled members of St Catherine’s are invited to complete an electoral-roll-form Enrolment entitles members to vote at the Annual General Meeting and stand for election to the Church Council. In the spring of 2019 a new Electoral Roll was drawn up (as is the case every six years). This will undergo its annual revision in spring 2022. You can find out more here.

Electoral Roll Privacy Statement

Membership of St Catherine’s does not negate any other church membership which you may have elsewhere.

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