Patronage Scheme

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The idea of being a ‘Patron to the Arts’ or to a Hospital, a Project  – these are all not new. Patronage is about support and engagement, about keeping in touch and belonging every bit as much as it is about financial commitment. Patronage takes on different shapes and forms depending on what people can give. Locals might give more time and their skills. From across the globe financial aid is easier to give and just as meaningful and life saving for St Catherine’s. We hope Your Patronage is meaningful to You, as well as ensuring a future for St Catherine’s

All Questions and Inquiries should please go directly to our Treasurer-Book Keeper: Jackie Wellhäußer on

Support for Particular Projects such as Maintenance of Organ or of Fabric or our work amongst Refugees, is possible if Bequests clearly communicate that.

For details as to how to give regularly please see the Virtual Collection Plate

Patronage Log – any entries of Bequests can of course be listed as ‘Anonymous’ in which case only our treasurer will ever know details.

May you know God’s Blessing