The lead volunteer here is Shukri Musa who has almost 7 years experience, is a gifted Community Worker, and good organiser. The core group is of around 6 who don’t always all come to same sessions and there are others still who can be drawn on.
This has changed over time as needs have changed. Sessions are now monthly – usually last Sunday of the month because that fits well with both church communities and also the monthly Kathy’s Vesper (an Old Catholic /Anglican shared project which feeds those who need feeding). There is though the flexibility to offer the odd additional session, when our volunteers have the time to facilitate this.

Donations for it come from a broad base both church and local community sourced.

What we give out needs a fair amount of work to make it useful for our visitors.

Children and Baby stuff there is always a need for and ditto shoes. Some things are seasonal though we happily collect warm clothing and especially coats all year round.

We let visitors know that donations are given primarily for refugees, but of course no one in need is turned away, so in effect we have homeless and street sleepers from a variety of cultural backgrounds come too.

Mostly though our visitors are from a MENA heritage and nations. As such most ‘western’ clothing for women finds no new home among our visitors. This has now changed as we get an increasing number of Ukrainians ! (At the most recent KK session we counted 11 nationalities).

We are grateful for the prams and school bags that have come in. Our children are getting older and beginning to look for bikes and play stations and whatever 10-14 year-olds treasure, but almost nothing like that comes in.

Donations please can be delivered:
by appointment via the AsylFriends email
restock@AsylFriendsAC.de (German language emails but also Arabic/Kurdish/English)
restock@stcatherines-stuttgart.de (English/German language emails)
or for those attending Church Services – bring with you

  • Dates for 2023
    29th January
    19th February
    19th March
    30th April