Virtual Collection Plate

If you have the means to do so, please give what you would have put in the physical collection plate via bank transfer.

Kontoinhaber : Friends of the English Church e.V.
IBAN: DE39 6009 0100 0587 2530 02
Bank: Volksbank Stuttgart

If you don’t have a German bank account you can donate to St. Catherine’s via PayPal

Setting up a “Dauerauftrag”, if you can, means you don’t have to remember to do this at the end of every service and helps support the on-going fixed costs of St. Catherine’s.

Thank you supporting our church.

Yours Lord is the greatness, the splendour and the majesty.
Everything we have comes from you and of your own do we give you.

Christmas Giving 2021

Our Christmas charitable giving, mainly through the collection at the ‘Carol Service’, has in the past been split between local and global projects.

This year, as every year, we will support the very local project CAFÉ- STRICH- PUNKT
This association seeks to support those young people who have need of such support, often in very practical ways. This requires funding and also those able and willing to do voluntary work. The support can be online or in real time. It can be as immediate as being homeless, or as long term as relationship based support like bridge building back into families.  There is street work and consultation, drop-in and medical help and advice, plus more than can be listed.
This is a very local work that we as good neighbours have supported for a long time in partnership with other churches.

The global project this year is TACKLING POVERTY IN SRI LANKA
Throughout Advent and Christmas 2021 we will be standing in solidarity with our partner Church in Sri Lanka, The Church of Ceylon. Their vital work with women and children from the tea plantation communities is transforming lives and lifting people out of poverty. Join us in supporting Sri Lanka’s most vulnerable communities.

Please put “Christmas Charitable Giving” in the Verwendungszweck or comment box. Any unlabelled donations will go to support the general work of St. Catherine’s Anglican Chaplaincy in Stuttgart.

Thank you for giving generously.