Financial giving: Your commitment

St. Catherine’s does not receive money from the German state* or the Church of England. The cost of the Chaplain, the Anglican Centre, all our activities and outreach missions … are supported entirely by voluntary contributions from members, friends and those who wish to support God’s work in this small corner of Stuttgart.
Would you like to help St. Catherine’s in this way? Planned Giving, as an expression of our discipleship, also helps us draw up our budget. You can download a form here.
During Corona times we are encouraging Online Giving only please. (See our Corona Money Update for more details)
If you wish to receive a donations certificate for German tax purposes please e-mail the Finance Team with your contact details.

Financial giving: Our commitment

It is important to state a number of things:
– St Catherine’s in turn is generous regardless of what is affordable. A church cannot ask its members to be generous without being good models of generosity in practice.
– St Catherine’s uses donations responsibly. There are clear structures in place that make accounting transparent, the most obvious being the auditing of Annual Accounts. Less obvious is the work that goes into making and holding to a Budget. Once again if we are encouraging you towards Planned Giving, then we also need to plan well and sustainably.
– St Catherine’s gives annually to a local charity in ecumenical partnership with the Old Catholics – see details here for Café Strichpunkt. Also annually is a donation that goes much further afield where the needs are of a different dimension altogether. Recent such donations went to:
2020 – Medicine sans Frontières
2019 – Well building in Yemen and
2018 – Indian Widows Project and St George’s Baghdad
Less structured is giving to the local Tafel (food bank) and the Rettet die Katharinenkirche (fabric fund) any appeals that come in from the Diocese or even individuals.

These funds ‘to give away’ are raised in a variety of ways:

  • the annual ‘Lessons and Carols’ event in December
  • the annual Booksale usually held in May
  • one-off donations from you which are marked for this purpose – these can come in year round

*As we are not recognised as an official Kirche, many years ago the church council constituted a Verein, the Friends of the English Church e.V., to be the legal entity which represents St. Catherine’s and ensures its charitable status in Germany.

If you have any further questions, please ask the Finance Team –

Ideas for legacy or patronage giving can be found here.