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Rundschreiben Gottesdienste Winter 2021-2022

Keeping us safe from Corona

Words from our Diocesan Bishops:

Our responsibility as Christians for our neighbour means we must take due care to protect any who may be more vulnerable than we consider ourselves to be.

Whilst the Church of England guidance places the responsibility for decisions about how to proceed with the incumbent (and we would assume that the incumbent would share such decision-making with the Chaplaincy Council) we sense that we are not yet at the stage where most of our Chaplains would want to make such decisions, with all the risk-assessments and considerations that would be involved. Furthermore, the summer months may not be the best time to be expecting such full local consultation to take place effectively.

We are deeply aware of the yearning among the people of the diocese for a return to more normal Church life and liturgical practice. We therefore will use this summer period to consider how to move forward safely.

We trust you will understand our more cautious and phased approach than may be the case in England. Our paramount concern is for the care, wellbeing, and safety of our clergy and communities.

Our Corona prevention measures and practice at St. Catherine’s are based on guidance from our Diocese and local state regulations.

Our Infection Control Assessment is included in  retrun2church policy and guidance