Church Wardens, Council et al

Thank you

At our ACM on 21st April we thanked Alison Seyerle for her six years as Church Warden and wish her all the best in her new, hopefully less demanding role, as ACK Representative and regular member of the worshipping congregation.

Church Wardens

as Alison Seyerle



Howard Perry



Church Warden-Elect
Sandie Möhle

More information about the Office of Church Warden

Chaplaincy Council

Christopher Sloan –
Lay Vice-Chair
Vorstand des F.E.C. e.V.

Susanna Thielecke

Finances – Jackie Wellhäußer –

Other elected members of the Chaplaincy Council
Bernd Schmigall, Dominik Ehe, Rebecka Grillo

Deanery Synod and CAECG: Howard Perry, Lauris Prince-Schröter
Diocesan Synod: Frances Ann Buttle

ACK Represenative – Alison Seyerle

Director of Music – Stephen Brown

Sacristan – Dominik Ehe

Rettet die Katharinenkirche

Representative: Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer