Refugee Ministry

Refugee Ministry
as the diaconal wing of St Catherine’s Ministry.

This project has been awarded a two year grant by USPG, enabling someone with a refugee background to work, on a MiniJob basis, to help support the key areas of this already functioning ministry and work with the Church Council to establish events to meet emerging needs. The MiniJob has now drawn to a close and with likely changes in leadership we are entering a transitional phase and commit all changes to your prayers.

The transitional phase has included visits to a number of Asylheim locations and thus essentially recent arrivals. Events have included social meet-and-greet meal and two days out and trips to the Stadtbibliothek for membership and thus fresh faces have come among us. Some of the fresh faces have because of the timing included refugees from Ukraine and its been wonderful to see the mix of heritage cultures and languages and indeed faiths.

Depending what the responses are in this transitional phase are like we will need more volunteers from our Church Family to work alongside the Chaplain and Refugee Volunteer team. Meanwhile please continue to support this ministry in prayer.

These strands continue as follows:

How you can help

  • please pray for our team of volunteers, for the members of our church who support this work through the refugee project sub committee (Alison, Jackie, Solomon, Andrew) and most importantly pray for all who ‘come through our doors’ that they may feel a welcome and an acceptance here in our midst
  • please volunteer – either occasionally or regularly (though some online safeguarding training will be required) initial inquiry to the Chaplain as she has the best overview

Ecumenical support for Refugees in Stuttgart