Extra home church resources for children

Whilst we are unable to meet in person we will try and provide a children’s resource linked to the liturgy with our home church resources. Here are a few more things from Marianne for children to help them continue their journey of faith from home.

Sunday School

Most Sundays children start Sunday School at 11:15 in the Anglican Centre for a story, activity and maybe some singing. They return to church to join their parents for the Eucharistic Prayer and Communion. On occasion the children stay in the service and take an active part in the liturgy.
Please bring your children to the Anglican Centre before the service and sign them in.


Our annual parents’ letter is attached here with details of when the children will be in church and registration form for Sunday School.

More photos from Jim Palik of children at St. Catherine’s.

For more details contact

“Pancake Sunday” 2020

Christmas 2019

Nativity Play 2018

In 2018 we took our nativity play up an notch and held rehearsals – it paid off – the children showed off their natural acting (and dancing) talents.


Our stained glass windows of Saints.