The Annual Church Meeting

Annual Meetings are essentially ‘business meetings’

  • at which people are elected to hold responsibilities and execute tasks as part of proper representation
  • at which paperwork – forms and electoral rolls, accounts and reports – are presented as part of proper governance (compliance and transparency)
  • at which opportunity is given to both ‘showcase’ and to celebrate the life and work of the Church/ Chaplaincy

Church Annual Meetings are governed by the Church Representation Rules – as the name suggests, these are rules, not simply guidelines!
The bullet points provide the headings to give an overview of what is covered. Click on these to see more information. The text in green provides some explanation and local context.
A full version of the rules and regulations are available on the Church of England website and links are provided to these.

In a Chaplaincy there is no PARISH (which is a term used to define a geographical area) so this becomes the Annual Church Meeting ACM
Similarly the Parochial Church Council PCC becomes in our context the Church Council CC Where the word parish is used please read Chaplaincy

Questions by all means to the Chaplain


Click on the headings to reveal more details about each area of the meeting.

  • Timing and attendance
  • Convening meeting


  • Chair
  • Business: reports etc.
  • Business: elections and appointments
  • Business: miscellaneous
  • Qualifications of persons to be elected
  • Conduct of an election
  • Result of an election

Section B: Parochial Church Council