A gallery of prayer…
Our prayer candles for those affected by the Corona Virus – A gallery of prayer

Prayer requests

On a Sunday morning there are slips of paper available at the back of church for prayer requests. Please place your slip on the altar before the start of the service. The concerns on the slips will be prayed for, in silence, during the Eucharistic Prayer.

Bereavement candles

In front of the altar there is a sand bowl. Before the service you are invited to light a candle in memory of a loved one who has died recently, or to commemorate the anniversary of a death.

Prayer Breakfast

On the second Saturday in the month you are invited to join us at 09:15 in the Anglican Centre for a prayer breakfast.

The upcoming dates are:
Saturday 8th February
Saturday 7th March
Saturday 11th April (cancelled due to Corona Virus)

A welcome prayer

Loving God,
we pray that this church may be a place of welcome,
security and compassion.
Keep us watchful yet caring,
trusting yet ready to question,
that all who worship here may do so in safety and in the knowledge of your love;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.