Discussion Forum

There are times when issues and agendas of the wider world cross the bows of the values and beliefs, teachings and traditions, world view of the Christian faith.
Such a thing can be an emerging issue which is growing either in importance or in urgency such as the challenges of the Climate Change impacts on our world and the need to act Now.
Such a thing might arise out of a Crisis Event such as the Black Lives Matter Movement.
There are countless other ways and contexts and issues, and when they ‘spike’ it is important to give due significance. By this I mean opportunities to ask questions, to push boundaries of understanding and experience. By this I mean necessarily that deep listening will be an essential part of process, before anything can be learnt, before growth can be hoped for. Deep listening and also prayer.

Details of any current discussion groups can be found in the weekly notices.

The Diocese has sent us three papers to work with, to engage with, and in due course the invitation to do so will come to anyone and everyone for whom ‘engagement’ is an essential part of discipleship.

=Feasting and Fasting – was a discussion that arose from church members in preparation for Lent

=Eco Church – is a discussion that will follow and will be accompanied by resources both theological and practical that will go on this website

=Racism and Racial Injustice – in and of itself but also as an example of other forms of Prejudice and Discrimination – is a discussion which will follow alongside some way of auditing our own attitudes both personal and collective

=Living in Love and Faith – is an update attempt of the Human Sexuality Report of 1991 and is a document in progress and will find its way to us in due course

=Sacramental Mysteries – what does happen to bread and wine at consecration