Rettet die Katharinenkirche e.V.

St Catherine’s needs your help

The Church of St Catherine’s is known by everyone in Stuttgart as the “English Church”. It was built at the edge of the Bohnenviertel in 1864/65 for the English congregation of this city and has belonged to the Old Catholic congregation since 1951. Today the church is used by both the Old Catholic and the Anglican congregation.

The church was constructed in neo-Gothic style and is showing its age. It is not only almost 160 years old but has also had to contend with extensive damage during World War II. Its reconstruction took place under the most difficult of economic circumstances and this resulted in it having to change its appearance. The two side aisles were replaced by lower structures housing the sacristy and the small community hall and the belfry, which was totally destroyed by an air raid, had to rebuilt in a different manner.

As a result there is now a wooden vaulted roof above the nave. The only reminder of the former tall neo-Gothic belfry is a small, modest bell tower. Thus the eventful history of the church is reflected both internally and externally. But one cannot escape seeing that the structure of the building is in a very sorry state and that extensive restoration works are necessary. In addition there are several defects affecting the service life of the building which need to be corrected. Cracking has recently been observed in the chancel. This damage needs to be repaired urgently.

We would therefore be very grateful if you could support the association financially. On behalf of the board members, thank you in advance for your help: Revd Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer (Chairman)

The bank details of the association “Rettet die Katharinenkirche e.V.” are: Evangelische Bank, ISBN:DE30 5206 0410 0000 4132 67