The Sacraments mark the different stages our lives and at St Catherine’s are carried out according to the rites of the Church of England. Background information on the sacraments can be found on the Church of England website.

During the interregnum please contact the wardens  with enquiries regarding sacraments. We have local clergy who will be happy to officiate for you.

Thanksgiving for the birth/adoption of a child

The birth or adoption of a child is a joyous occasion and a service of Thanksgiving allows parents to give thanks to God within the family of the Church.

Thanksgivings take place during a morning service and may be especially appropriate where a child will be baptised in another church.
If you would like to discuss a service of Thanksgiving please contact the vicar


At Baptism children and adults are welcomed into the Church. Baptisms take place at St Catherine’s during the Sunday morning service and we welcome both children, presented for baptism by parents and God-parents, and teenagers or adults, who have not yet been baptised, to receive this sacrament.
To discuss baptism please contact the vicar

Once you have arranged a baptism date please complete this details_for_baptism form and return to the vicar as soon as possible.


Confirmation is carried out by a bishop and marks the point on one’s spiritual journey where a teenager or adult publicly affirms their faith.

St Catherine’s offers a series of preparation courses for teenagers and adults seeking confirmation or acceptance into the Church of England on a regular basis. If you are interested in future opportunities for confirmation contact the vicar.


Marriage in church celebrates the life-long union of husband and wife in the presence of God. St Catherine’s welcomes couples who would like to share their special day with us. To enquire about arrangements please e-mail

Couples should, however, be aware that Church weddings are not legal in Germany and a civil ceremony will also have to be arranged in addition to a service of marriage / blessing of a marriage in church. For more details of the legal aspects of getting married in Germany please contact the local Standesamt.


A funeral service is the departed’s final visit to church and marks the end of their earthly journey and the start of their heavenly life. Although the nature of our community makes funerals less common than in a normal parish St Catherine’s is there for those who need us in times of sadness as well as joy.
To discuss arrangements for funerals please contact

Other offices

Other offices such as Penance, Prayers for the sick, Holy Unction,
Home Communion and House Blessing are available by appointment with the vicar.