Refugee Ministry


At almost the third attempt and finally (!) an appointment has been made and contracts signed. (Background can be found here)

Project – PhaseI with resourcing a minijob, is now complete. Work has begun to among  long standing volunteers and new arrivals to discern what the emerging needs are, what direction the project might go in the coming year, and how best to resource that. Watch this space and please Pray.

AsylFriendsAC – is what the team of volunteers have chosen as their identity and as such will gradually work its way into publicity and communication and will thus be how we refer to this project from now on.
(for how they arrived at this name ask the Chaplain)

Supporting  the leadership team of the project are the sub committee we set up a year and a half ago – Alison (warden) Jackie (chaplaincy finances) Solomon (associate priest)  Andrew (possible ordinand) and the Chaplain.

This project covets the prayers of all who belong to St Catherine’s to support and sustain and develop this part of the life of our church.