Are you being called…?

Annual General Meeting
Sunday 15th April – post-service – Annual General Meeting: hear the review of the St. Catherine’s church year, the budget for the coming year and vote for your new wardens and council.
Now is the time to start considering if you are being called to serve on our next church council or as a church warden. To express your interest please contact Christopher If you wish to know more about what is involved talk to Eric or Mark.
If you wish to vote or stand for election to the church council or as a warden you must be on the Electoral Roll at St. Catherine’s before the AGM. Please complete an electoral roll form and return it to Frances or

Saturday 21st April – 12:00pm
Installation of Rev’d. Kara Werner as chaplain of St. Catherine’s. Put the date in your diary.
Plans are being drawn up, please contact Eric if you would like to read or act as an acolyte (adults and teenagers).
If you wish to be involved in the music or choir please contact Stephen
If you can help with the bring and share refreshments please contact Alison

Welcome Book for Kara – with a flat found Kara’s arrival is now much more concrete. We would like to prepare a welcome book for her, introducing her to her new congregation and providing her with a reference so that she can check if she can’t remember the name of the person who spoke to her after the service about a baptism, or the phone number of the person who invited her for coffee. If you would like to provide an A4 page for this book with your name, that of any relevant family members, maybe a photo, contact details and any information about your family that you would like to share with our new chaplain then please send it to or pass it directly to Frances by 8th April at the latest. This book will be for Kara’s personal use and not for circulation.

Help settling in … there are so many things that need to be done when you move and some of them can be a bit baffling when you move to a new country. We are looking for someone who can help Kara work out the best mobile/landline phone deal. If you have recently moved or had cause to look into these things – or have an interest in this area. Please let us know.

Women’s Group
We are back to our third Thursday in the month and will be meeting again on Thursday, 15th March 2018 in the Anglican Centre from 10 until 12.   See you there. Alison.

Bake Sale
The 1st Stuttgart Guides are organising a bake sale on Sunday the 18 of March from 12:45 to 13:45 (after the service in the church side room) because they are raising money for people who do not have the possibility to use the bathroom.
You can find out more at: www.toilet or watch this video
Thank you for supporting us.

(The proceeds of this bake sale will be used to twin the toilet in the Anglican Centre.)


Holy Week and Easter

Maundy Thursday….The Liturgy of the Last Supper with the Footwashing.  Just as Jesus commanded we break bread, drink wine, and remember.  And… on this one night only, we demonstrate our love for one another by taking turns washing one another’s feet. This intimate service will take place in the Anglican Centre.
This service will begin promptly at 19:00

Good Friday.… A Remembrance of the Crucifixion of our Lord – 18:00

The Easter Vigil…. an ecumenical service in German with a little English…… begins in the Leonhardskirche at 21:00 in the darkness.  As we hear some of the Old Testament lessons which lead us to an understanding of Christ as Messiah, we wait.  In the darkness we process up the street to the Katharinenkirche, where the Holy Fire is lit, the Paschal Candle blessed, and the people receive the light of Christ.  We pour into the church filling it with candle glow.  The Exultet is sung, and the first mass of Easter is celebrated.  Following the service a reception takes place in the Oekumenisaal.  The festivities can go on until after midnight.  If you have never experienced an Easter Vigil, I highly recommend it.

The Festival of Easter... Sunday – 11:15 with all the trappings of the holiest day of the Christian Year…. Grand music, big flowers, joyous scripture readings, and the chance to open our doors and hearts to the many visitors who will want to worship with us on this special day.

Looking for a bookclub? We are a group that meets once a month on a Wednesday to discuss a book that we have agreed to read. All the books we read are books written in English; otherwise they can be pretty much anything except for science fiction or „Angela‘s Ashes“ (don‘t ask me about that last bit). Last year‘s books included „The Sellout“, „Babbitt“, „The Noise of Time“ and „Longbourn“. There are 6 of us at the moment, but it would be nice to have a few more, as the meetings get rather too small if not everyone makes it… If you’re interested, contact Susanna“

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