Contemplation of and around God’s Word

A new ministry is starting that will be very much about welcoming the message of God in the midst of our suffering, as well as in good times.
It’s a ministry where we listen to God for each other.
It has elements of guided meditation, contemplative prayer, and group study. Listening to God for each other is like seeking the Holy Spirit in the little space between each other where we attempt to understand someone sharing something.  Knowing that it can be near impossible to succeed, but the answer must be in the attempt.

In our discernment practice, we will listen closely to that quiet space between us and support each other in sharing what God may be leading us to in our lives.

Once again in these days where we have to be careful for ourselves and ‘neighbour’ this group will be meeting over Zoom.

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Contemplation is a movement
Perhaps a spiral
Going deeper and deeper
Into experience and meaning.

Contemplation is a recollection
Of all that has been
Searching in memory
For forgotten graces.

Contemplation is looking
Beyond the obvious
Towards the mystery
Content to let it be.

Contemplation is assurance
That “All shall be well”
“For now we see through a glass, darkly
But then face to face.”

Ivy Bishop ‘circles of silence’