Notices – Sunday 12th February – Eucharist @12:00

This Sunday 12th February – @12:00  Eucharist with Tweens provision

Please note the change of time and service.

There will be no Evensong on Saturday 11th February, nor will there be a 9am Eucharist on Sunday.

If we would like to have coffee after service on 12.02 and 19.02. and 26.02. then volunteers are needed to set up, and make and serve, and clear away. Please send
offers of help or questions to


A Word from the Wardens

Since our Annual Church Meeting last year, most of you will know that Kara was likely to leave us some time this year, when her 5-year contract expires. We would have liked her to stay on a bit longer.
Now, however, we can be more specific. Her contract will expire on 31 May 2023.

When she actually chooses to wind up her ministry at St. Catherine’s and when exactly she moves away from Stuttgart is for her to decide.

In the name of the chaplaincy, and personally, we would like to thank her for her ministry here and wish her Godspeed for the future.

We commend Kara and our Council to your prayers in the weeks and months of change ahead.

Howard & Alison – Wardens of St. Catherine’s Anglican Chaplaincy, Stuttgart

WeltGebetsTag – World Day of Prayer

As in every year, World Day of Prayer is held on the first Friday in March.

The 2023 service will be held on Friday, 3rd March. at 19:00 at St. Catherine’s.  The country of focus is Taiwan, and its  Motto is “I Have Heard About Your Faith”

Women from several denominations in the local area are gathering to prepare for worship service.  All are welcome to assist. Our next meeting is on 31st January at 19:00 in the church. Please feel free to join us. Please contact for more details.
I request that you continue to keep all women in your prayers, especially those subjected to discrimination, trafficking, etc.
We look forward to and welcome any assistance. Thanks in advance.


we pray for those in Turkey and Syria who have woken today to the devesation of an earthquake
we pray for victims and families in all areas of Conflict and War
we pray for our Church as we each prayerfully consider who after the Annual Meeting shall serve on Council and as Wardens
we pray for the General Synod of the Church of England who are meeting this week
we pray for all who will go hungry today for all who in this cold have no roof over their heads to offer shelter
we pray for individuals who have need of our prayers

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