Notices – Sunday 29th January – @10:00 Joint Bilingual Eucharist

This 29th January – @10:00 Joint Bilingual Eucharist

We join together with our Old Catholic host congregation for worship and fellowship

Click on the image to the right to see February’s schedule or download the iCal file here.
Please can you e-mail if you find the iCal useful and let us know.

WeltGebetsTag – World Day of Prayer

As in every year, World Day of Prayer is held on the first Friday in March.

The 2023 service will be held on Friday, 3rd March. at 19:00 at St. Catherine’s.  The country of focus is Taiwan, and its  Motto is “I Have Heard About Your Faith”

Women from several denominations in the local area are gathering to prepare for worship service.  All are welcome to assist. Our next meeting is on 31st January at 19:00 in the church. Please feel free to join us. Please contact for more details.
I request that you continue to keep all women in your prayers, especially those subjected to discrimination, trafficking, etc.
We look forward to and welcome any assistance. Thanks in advance.


we pray for victims and families in all areas of Conflict and War
we pray for the Old Catholics with whom we share this space and for the Leonhards Church with whom we share friendship we pray for them in the challenges they each face
we pray for our Church as we each prayerfully consider who after the Annual Meeting shall serve on Council and as Wardens
we pray for all who will go hungry today for all who in this cold have no roof over their heads to offer shelter
we pray for individuals who have need of our prayers

may the bearers of the one true light – the Magi whose task it was to stoke the Holy Fire and keep alive the rumour of God – be our hope and our light in these dark days
Amen and Amen

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