Notices – Weekend 4th-5th July

  • Return2Church – There will be no R2C on Saturday 4th July (see below)
  • OutdoorChurch – Sunday 5th July will see the first of our three opportunities this year to worship together outdoors. Please remember to register if you plan to attend. More details, including location, can be found here.
  • WorshipLearnPray – Children – Our current HomeSundaySchool project is online working towards something for our OutdoorChurch event 0n Sunday 5th July (this weekend!). Remember to bring your creative work with you.
  • Pan-Diocesan Service – Invitation from Bishop Robert – “One of the surprising but gratifying outcomes of the pandemic has been our ability to join the Diocese together in prayer using Zoom.  On Maundy Thursday for the renewal of ordination vows, at Pentecost focussed on our Churchwardens and across the Diocese focussing on Racial Justice we have worshipped together in a way that would have been thought unimaginable a few months ago.
    I would like to invite you all to a further special service to mark the next phase of our journey as edge out of ‘Lockdown’ in a variety of ways.
    The CV19 lockdown has significantly affected all of us in our Chaplaincy and Diocesan life, with anxiety being present for us often alongside a sense of creativity and resilience. We each have different experiences of this time but as we now move out of lockdown across the Diocese, there will be a Diocesan wide act of worship to mark this moment.
    Our ‘Restoration Service’ will take place on Tuesday, 7th July beginning at 6.30pm CET. I would like to extend the invitation to all Church Members to join on You Tube.  A link will be posted on the homepage of the Diocesan Website at”
  • Bible Study Group will meet once again this coming Wednesday at the usual time of 19:30 via Zoom.  Let Kara know if you’d like to be included in the code email, without which you can’t join in.
  • PrayerPost
    – for all those who have served on Council this past year, those preparing for our Annual Chaplaincy Meeting and those who will serve on Council beyond that; giving thanks to God for time and talents offered with great generosity
    – Covid-19: a number of our ‘Americans’ come from some of the worst hit areas of California and Texas and the Carolinas – we pray for them as they are anxious about families and friends!
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