Ecumenical Services and Links

St. Catherine’s has many links with local German and English speaking churches.

Pre-Corona – the following was true:

  • When there is a fifth Sunday in the month we hold a bi-lingual ecumenical service with our host congregation the Old Catholics
  • Clergy and members of the congregation are invited to the annual Pfingstmontag Tag der weltweiten Kirchen service at the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart for which in 2020 our Chaplain was on the liturgical planning group for
  • Annual German-American Gospel concert with the International Church of the Nazarene raises valuable funds for meaningful projects. In 2019 this helped build a well in Yemen.
  • We are a Member Church of the ACK BaWü and this gives us access to resources as well as people.

There are also occasional articles listed below:

ACK-Vorsitzender Miron zu Umwandlung der Hagia Sophia

There are also occasional services listed below: