A warm invitation to the International Prayer Evening

On 15th January at 7:30pm, Gemeinsam für Stuttgart (Together for Stuttgart, previously the Stuttgart Evangelical Alliance) is holding an international prayer evening.
We will be meeting using Zoom; the prayer meeting can be accessed using the following link:
Following a short devotional from Rev. Andreas Schäffer in German, we will pray together in small groups. We are able to offer these small groups in the following languages:
Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Swahili, Spanish, Vietnamese.
Over 140,000 people from more than 170 nations live in Baden-Württemberg’s capital city, speaking over 100 different languages. Around 24% of Stuttgart’s population comes from countries other than Germany, making it the city with the second largest international community in the country. Stuttgart is also Germany’s safest city. This shows that in Stuttgart, multiculturalism and cooperation is working.
As Gemeinsam für Stuttgart it is important for us to be aware of this diversity and to unite and bring together the Christians of various denominations and cultures living in Stuttgart. We want to know about and appreciate each other. We want to unpack the
treasure which cultural diversity can also mean for us as Christians.
As a first step towards this goal, we are inviting people to join us at the International Prayer Evening.
If your language is not (yet!) offered, please do get in touch.
Rev. Andreas Schäffer, Chairman of Gemeinsam für Stuttgart

TEL.: 0711 – 1625840
FAX: 0711 – 1625855
E-Mail: andreas.schaeffer@ gemeinsam-fuer-stuttgart.de
Website: www.gemeinsam-fuer-stuttgart.de

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