Alleluia, Christ is risen!

On Sunday we joyfully celebrated the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. From this flow many more reasons to celebrate:

  • Because Christ is risen – we will be electing a new church council and wardens on Sunday 15th April
  • Because Christ is risen – we will be installing Rev’d Kara Werner as our new Chaplain on Saturday 21st April to continue the work of spreading the Good News to the English speaking community in Stuttgart
  • Because Christ is risen – we will be joining with the Old Catholics on Sunday 29th April to celebrate the Eucharist in memory of His death and passion in a joint bi-lingual service at 10:30
  • Because Christ is risen – we will be joining with the Church of the Nazarene and various American-German gospel choirs in a festival of praise in the Leonhardskirche, 17:00 Sunday 29th April.

St. Catherine’s exists as a church – because Christ is risen, and also because in thankfulness for what God has given us through the death and resurrection of His Son people respond to make St. Catherine’s exist as a church by:

    • volunteering to serve as wardens and council members – contact Eric for more information
    • volunteering to read two lines and present an item during Kara’s induction service – select a reading from the following CongregationalOfferings and let Eric know which you are willing to read
    • offering to help with providing refreshments for all those who attend Kara’s induction service. Any contributions would be very welcome: these should be any kinds of finger foods: sandwiches, savoury biscuits, slices of quiche, mini-pizzas , sausage rolls, national delicacies etc. – and cakes as well as we will probably run into teatime. We won’t have space or the facilities to warm up any food or provide seating for everybody for a sit-down meal so finger food is essential. Thank you for your help.
      Contact Alison
    • offering to help Gary with the altar flowers during April – contact
    • contributing to Kara’s Welcome Book – a template can be found here. Please send your contribution to or pass it directly to Frances by 8th April at the latest. This book will be for Kara’s personal use and not for circulation.
    • joining joyfully in the Hymns this Sunday
    • taking part in many of the other spiritual and fellowship activities that help build up the church as the “body of Christ”.




Retreat Opportunity – the Council of Episcopal and Anglican Churches in Germany are offering a retreat – more details can be found here.

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