Celebrating a Coronation?

On Saturday 6th May the Archbishop of Canterbury will crown Charles III, by the Grace of God, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of its other Realms and Territories.
On Sunday following the Coronation we will be inviting the wider English speaking community to join us at St. Catherine’s to celebrate this event.
For some of us he will be crowned King of a country we think of as home, for some there will be a connection through his role as Head of the Commonwealth of Nations, others may be wondering why they would want to celebrate an old man getting a new job. For members of St Catherine’s Church we acknowledge that being a Church of England Chaplaincy, we have a relationship that is direct.
Our Warden Howard has been giving this some thought.

Why does someone from the USA attend the Coronation Songs of Praise for the King of England at St. Catherine’s on 7 May? 

One of the English members of St. Catherine’s asked me this question (or one like it) a couple of weeks ago.

I had thought that,  for me, this question had been settled in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris, but, apparently, it has not. I have never been a fan or follower of English royalty as surprisingly many citizens of the USA strangely are. As an ‘American’ myself, and a ‘Democrat’, all of them were simply irrelevant, only as a part of history or current events significant. After all, it was no longer my queen or, now, my king.

However, as a member of a chaplaincy of the Church of England, Charles III is the new Supreme Head of the Church of England, and it is in this capacity that he has intruded into my life – as did his mother, Elizabeth II, before him. Consequently, I shall attend the Coronation Songs of Praise on 7 May 2023, after having watched the coronation itself on TV the day before (because of the history and the spectacle), and sing the songs and pray for him as the Head of this Church. But he will still never be my king although I wish him and Great Britain the very best for his reign.  HP

So what is happening:

From 14:30-16:45 we will be offering afternoon teas at the Anglican Centre. A perfect chance to sit down with friends, celebrate English cake and discuss the previous days events (the coronation or the soccer)

At 17:00 there will be a Songs of Praise service in St. Catherine’s with music from our scratch choir, hymns to join in singing and prayers for the King

Following the service everyone is invited to spill out into the sunshine (we live in hope) to raise a glass of Pimms or non-alcoholic Punch

So put the date in your diaries, invite your friends to the bits they will enjoy, come and join the celebrations.

If you know anyone who would still like to join the Scratch Choir for this occasion please mail scratchchoir@stcatherines-stuttgart.de . Music copies are now being sent out.

If you have a tea service you are willing to lend, please e-mail coronationcafe@stcatherines-stuttgart.de
Please share the flier below. If you would like ones for the separate events please e-mail communications@stcatherines-stuttgart.de

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