Notices for Sunday 28th August

Outdoor Church – Sunday 28th August – 11:00 – Killesberg

Meet near the columns: see map.
Bring your own:
picnic, picnic blanket, water/drinks, sunscreen, hat etc.

Please be aware there is a cycling event in Stuttgart this Sunday – check your route to make sure you are not affected by road closures.

Bible Study Group (z) Wednesdays@19:30 now restarted
zoom code available from

Promoting St. Catherine’s

Can you help spread the word about St. Catherine’s?
Along with our soon to be revealed banner, at the back of church there are some new A4 posters and A6 postcards.
We need your help to get them to places where people, who might be looking for a church, will see them.
If you take posters please enter your name and where you are taking them to in the list. This will help us not duplicate effort (especially if somewhere doesn’t wish to display a poster) and means when we come to update our posters we know where to deliver them to, even if you have moved on.
Postcards don’t need to be accounted for, you can take them to give to friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Prayer Post

As we pray for places of conflict, of desperate need, for our church, for ourselves….. in these coming weeks

Collection Plates:
St. Catherine’s is a self-supporting church. If you are new to St. Catherine’s or have not yet set up a regular bank transfer, please give what you can online via our virtual collection plate.
We have resumed having a Retiring Collection at services for any visitors, also newcomers and for those who prefer to ‘give’ in cash.

OnHoliday Compline – Sundays@21:00 is on summer break

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