Notices for Trinity Sunday – 26th May Eucharist – @12:00

This Sunday – Eucharist @12:00 with Africa focus
continuing the celebrations of Africa Day on 25th May.
Tweens provision during the service – please bring your Bibles.
followed by coffee and African food in the Anglican Centre.

Thank you to those who took part in our Pentecost Service last Sunday. It was wonderful to hear readings in Ibo, Portugese and Tagalog; prayers in Romanian, German, Cebuano, Ibo, Jèrriais and Malay; hymns in English, French, Swedish and Norwegian (and the words to verses in Welsh, Scots Gaelic and Irish – not sure anyone was brave enough to attempt to sing them)
Save the Date: Pentecost Sunday 8th June 2025
– celebrate the Birthday of the Worldwide Church with a Festival of Diversity.
+Antonio calls on all God’s children to come to the birthday party. If you would like to be involved in the organisation please contact

Sundays@10:00 – Sunday 26th May – How can you practice the spirit of Ubuntu?
“As much as we must look after each other, it is also just as important that we exercise fairness aand equality for all people regardless of race, gender or social status. So essentially, Ubuntu is about togetherness as well as a fight for the greater good. This is what Mandela was prepare to sacrifice his life for.”
Join us as Rose leads us in discussion. Maybe we can extract a few Bible scriptures that are in line with the topic and talk about it from different perspectives.
Romans 12:5
1 Corinthians 12:26
Philippians 2:4
Please sign up by e-mailing if you would like to join us.

Ministry to Refugees and Migrants – Relaunch
As +Antonio announced in church and in the notices in April, our Ministry to Refugees and Migrants is being relaunched with new goals and an updated focus: away from material provision to journeying with refugees and migrants and supporting their integration into life in Germany.
As a consequence we are currently NOT accepting donations of clothes and other material goods at the Anglican Centre, nor will there be clothes available to give out to those who knock on the door without prior appointment.
Posters will be put up in the windows of the Anglican Centre informing the public of this. Please help us communicate this message if anyone asks whilst you are in the AC.


God bless Africa,
to our people and leaders,
give wisdom and integrity,
so that we may protect our children,
heal our communities, restore our dignity,
and preserve our natural heritage,
and give us peace.
For Jesus Christ’s sake.


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