Notices for Weekend 10th/11th July 2021 – Trinity6

This Week

Saturday 10. July 17:00 – R2C –  Service of the Word – no need to sign up just attend and sign in when you arrive !
Sunday –
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BookmarkMessage from our Church Warden, Alison:
On behalf of everyone at St. Catherine’s I would like to congratulate Kara on the 30th Anniversary of her Ordination and wish her all the very best.
Alison presented Kara with a small token in recognition of this anniversary at R2C on Saturday evening.

This week as every week…

  • Bible Study is taking its summer break early and will resume in August (watch this space) – Compline (Sun 21:00) Codes from the Chaplain and new folk always welcome either as a one off visit or on a regular basis
  • ZoomCoffee will next meet at the usual time of 10.30 on Sunday 18th July – Code from

Join us for our next Outdoor Church – Baptism in the Park – including a dramatised bible story Sunday 25th July at 11:00 in the Wartburg Park near the Egelsee

Did you take part in our zoom reading of the Passion Play on Palm Sunday?
Did you miss out?
At the end of July there will be the chance for young and old, small and tall, to take part in our dramatised Bible Story as part of our Outdoor Church service.

Let your theatrical spirit loose. We need:

  • men / adults dressed as soldiers/ prophets / hangers-on….. (anyone not dressed in Sunday best will do)
  • children
  • members of the crowd
  • props can include spears and treasure and even anything that might pass for horses (mask making / hobby horse ?)
  • some people with loud and clear and confident voices for speaking parts (no line learning required)

As those who have attended Outdoor Church before will know – participation in learning activities, is not just something for children – we all benefit from taking a fresh look at the familiar and experiencing it in a different way.

July Print Off and Pin Up Newsheet

Outdoor Church – 27th June – in review with pictures

Prayer Post

  • for baptism anniversaries and for birthdays in July and the two families preparing for the Baptism of their new arrivals – Dan and Freddi – for parents and godparents
  • for the safe arrival of a little person due to be born this coming Monday – and Brian has now arrived safely Thanks be to God
  • for all who have suffered this week from fires or crime or accident ….
  • for those anxious or fearful of the pandemic as well as the vaccines and variants
  • for those travelling for work or leisure

If you have the means to do so, please give what you would have put in the weekly collection plate via bank transfer.

Kontoinhaber : Friends of the English Church e.V.
IBAN: DE39 6009 0100 0587 2530 02
Bank: Volksbank Stuttgart

For regular giving to St. Catherine’s setting up a “Dauerauftrag”, if you can, means you don’t have to remember to do this at the end of every service and helps support the on-going fixed costs of St. Catherine’s.
Thank you supporting our church.

Yours Lord is the greatness, the splendour and the majesty.
Everything we have comes from you and of your own do we give you.


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