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Welcome to Home Church for Christmas  & Epiphany

This will be our Sunday Home for the Christmas & Epiphany Season. There is a lot going on and a lot on offer for every generation. Much of it is suitable for inviting friends and family to join with you via a FaceTime type platform.
You are especially welcome if you are new to St Catherine’s or new to our Online Worship.

Liturgies always available to you:
Morning Prayer 
Compline (Contemporary language)
Compline (Traditional language)

HomeChurch resources for 17th January – Epiphany 2

Children’s Activity Sheet

Use what is meaningful in your context.

Notices for weekend 23th/24th January –
Epiphany Season

    • R2C – An ‘Evening Service of the Word’ at 17:00 on Saturday 23th. January in church the focus of which will be the ‘Week of Christian Unity’. Please book yourself in for the service – this is now compulsory. (chaplain@stcatherines-stuttgart.de).
    • HomeChurch resources for Online Worship will be available from Sunday morning.
    • Bible Study Group – Every Wednesday evening @19.30 looking at the texts for the Sunday to come and led by Revd Solomon Benjamin. If you’d like to join in please let the Chaplain know so she can send you the code (chaplain@stcatherines-stuttgart.de).
    • ZoomCompline – Every Sunday evening @21:00. If you’d like to join in please let the Chaplain know so she can send you the code (chaplain@stcatherines-stuttgart.de).
    • ZoomCoffee – Every Sunday morning @10.30. If you’d like to join in please let the Chaplain know so she can send you the code (chaplain@stcatherines-stuttgart.de).
    • Discernment through contemplation – this is a new ministry led by Tim Byrne which he wrote and spoke about in October – the launch is this coming Tuesday 26.01.21 @09.00 so now is the time to make contact with Tim (contemplation@stcatherines-stuttgart.de) From today the zoom code will be made available via the Chaplain. If you can’t join in then please pray for this new venture.
    • Time to look out old photos? St. Valentine’s Day (14th February) is a time when we traditionally think of love. As it looks likely we will still be restricted in our social interactions in the coming weeks, maybe we can remind each other what we looked like on our wedding day or our first date with our partner or the first meeting with a special person in our lives… if you dig out and send in a photo, we will create a gallery and you can see who you recognise. (and hopefully in the process will relive some happy memories) please send to webmaster@stcatherines-stuttgart.de or chaplain@stcatherines-stuttgart.de
    • Views from the Pews (or the sofa) – At the beginning of the week a post is sent out to all those on the St. Catherine’s mailing list. Mostly this is the Chaplain musing, but from time to time we have had “views from the pews”: members of the congregation writing a piece about something that is currently on their mind.
      Do you have something you wish to share? At the end of January/beginning of February we have slots available – please contact the Chaplain and Webmaster for more details… chaplain@stcatherines-stuttgart.de and webmaster@stcatherines-stuttgart.de
    • PrayerPost
      – for all who have their baptism anniversaries in January (Ada and Jodin and Lois plus any adults) and for all who celebrate a birthday this month
      – for the roll out of vaccines across many parts of the world
      – for all who need a ‘fresh start’ in life
      – for changes in national leadership in several parts of our world

– Prayers for life events –

ChurchCoronaCare once again needs donations please as people return to part time work and pay and face further financial hardship – thank you .

If you have the means to do so, please give what you would have put in the weekly collection plate via bank transfer.

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For regular giving to St. Catherine’s setting up a “Dauerauftrag”, if you can, means you don’t have to remember to do this at the end of every service and helps support the on-going fixed costs of St. Catherine’s.
Thank you supporting our church.

Yours Lord is the greatness, the splendour and the majesty.
Everything we have comes from you and of your own do we give you.