Chaplain’s Musings – 12th April 2021

#SundaysForFuture1 (aka Eco Church)

When, as a student, I first encountered the ‘green’ movement I had no Christian faith. The issues then seemed focused on nuclear programmes and about increasing urbanisation. Both of those were made up of a ream of different challenges and people engaged where they felt either passion or rage.

All this has changed beyond recognition; complete with a whole new vocabulary.
I have also changed; both in coming to a Christian faith, finding in scripture all that any of us would need for a right relationship with the world God has placed us in, and in my greater understanding of the sheer complexity of getting that relationship right within a cultural heritage, that is different for each of us, but exerts a power difficult to dismiss. What we can agree on is that this movement has moved from a fringe concern to mainstream – whatever people’s engagement or apathy looks like in practice, there is not a school child or  politician who does not have some idea of what, at least the headline, issues are.

Before I go any further I would like to invite you, each household, to complete as prompted the carbon footprint calculator:

(with the reassurance that I will never ask for the outcome – it is for your information only)

Regardless of where your footprint comes in relation to the national average (and with reduced travel it should look good at the moment for all of us) what it will give us is a clue as to where the impact is, simply by following the categories, and therefore where we might be able to make some changes. Once again this is personal to you – I will never ask.

What I would like really is to invite us on a journey. I have made a list of what some people, wiser than I, have said about the environment over the last 2000 years and I thought some of us could do something with that list (Teachings_on_creation_through_the_ages).
My thinking is that government targets and/ or religious guilt are not super great motivations in the long term.

Look again next week for part2 and a very different perspective……



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