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CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS 30th April 2018

May is on the doorstep and with it yet more new legislation. This time in the form of Data Protection. If you have paid or voluntary work, this affects you. Domestically this affects you too. For many, who have had bad and indeed abusive experiences of their Data being misused, this will be welcome news. For some of us, including the Church Council and particularly Frances and Haywood who manage our digital affairs, and Lauris who manages our paper world in the office, this will mean a good deal of work already done on our behalf.
It is not only about what data we can keep and for how long and who has access to what information. It is much more about a whole different way of thinking and acting. Just one example: Emails to groups should use the Bcc button not the Cc button, to keep the email addresses of those you’re sending to, private.
The mental change required came home to me when someone challenged an anecdote I shared in a sermon. The phrase ‘not my news, not mine to share’ is a really useful guiding principle.
Biblical teaching has in a variety of ways warned about the dangerous use or misuse of ‘the tongue’. Idle chatter, gossip, jokes at someone else’s expense, criticism, in anger…. the list seems endless. Just because we might think our communication through social media is more nuanced, we are off the hook. On the contrary, the assumed anonymous forum means we have to be much more self-disciplined.
Our gospel reading this coming Sunday includes the concepts of friendship, of love, of bearing fruit. As we embrace those gospel values, they can act as a useful benchmark for us. Do my words and actions nurture or hinder the friendship I have with God and other people of faith ? Are my actions and words motivated by love ? Where in my words and actions are the fruit of self-discipline (self-control), of patience, of kindness and generosity?
May you know the joys and blessings of finding the Bcc button on your emails.

Ecumenical Ascension Service – at the Leonhardskirche – Thursday 9th May at 19:00.

Bible Study
The St Catherine’s Bible Study Group meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm in the Anglican Centre, Olgastrasse 56, to read, study and discuss the coming week’s Gospel reading – as well as catching up over a cup of tea and a piece or two of cake! New members are very welcome at this friendly group. Please contact Katy at if you would like to be added to our weekly mailing list.

Ladies’ Evening Group – will meet for a change on a Tuesday,  8th May. We’ll meet from 19:00 at Oishi Sushi in Feuerbach
Please let Elinor who if you can join us , she writes “It’s wonderful also for people who hate Sushi (like myself)!” If you can’t make LEGS on a Monday then please do join us – book a spot at the table by speaking to Elinor or e-mailing

Women’s Group
Our next meeting will be on Thursday, 24th May from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. Please note that this is the FOURTH  Thursday, and not the usual third, as I am on holiday in May. Hopefully we will be able to repair the hymn books this time. Last time we couldn’t get into the church to collect them.
The coloured tape is there, sponsered by Ken, so just bring some scissors. See you there.
Alison Seyerle

Booksale our Annual English language, second-hand booksale will take place on Saturday 16th June, along with our traditional bakesale. Susanna and Naomi are beginning to put together a team of helpers please e-mail if you can help set up, take a shift at the book sale, pack away, serve coffee, sell or bake cakes … or have any other talent to offer. Thank you.

150th Anniversary of the building of St. Catherine’s will be celebrated by the Old Catholic and Anglican congregations in July. Look out for details of events and how to get involved with them.

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