Notices for 18th April 2021

This week

  • R2C – on hold still. In Stuttgart and all the surrounding Landkreise the case numbers are now well over the 100:100000 limit and the Notbremse has been pulled. In the interests of keeping people safe: reducing the need for travel on public transport and demonstrating our care for others through our contact reduction R2C services have been put on hold at present.
  • HomeChurch resources will be available on Sunday morning as usual.
  • ZoomCoffee, Bible Study, Zoom Compline – Codes from the Chaplain as usual.

Whether you were able to join us on Palm Sunday for the Passion Reading or not plans are developing for the next such event Rogation – Sunday 9th May
We are looking for as many people as possible to contribute to this service (in advance) with ideas relating to sense of place – for more details click here
Contributions so far: 1

Saturday May 15th -18:00 on Zoom

Full details of the procedure for signing up to attend and the conduct of this year’s ACM can be found here. Nominations for election close on 30th April, registration for attendance closes 13th May.

Signups so far: 4

Organ appeal

Those of you with an attuned ear will have noticed that over the Christmas period most of our Virtual Choir music featured a guest organ, as the one at St. Catherine’s is in need of repair. Work has started, both on the organ, and on supporting the Old Catholics in gathering funds to pay for repairs and maintenance. The link here gives more details. If you have friends who like to support Church Music please pass it on to them. Thank you.


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