Notices for Sunday 3rd March @ 12:00 Eucharist Lent III

This weekend:

  • Friday 1st March @19:00 – World Day of Prayer
    Ecumenical Service with Liturgy prepared by Palestinian Christians
    Join via Zoom:
    Meeting-ID: 932 0759 7564
    Kenncode: 144000
  • Sunday 3rd March @10:00 – Sundays@10 Discussion Group
    Please confirm your attendance
  • Sunday 3rd March @ 12:00 – Eucharist Lent III
    followed by coffee in the Anglican Centre

    If you have not responded to the invitation to the young people’s workshop on 16th March, please do so asap so that we can continue planning. Negative responses are also useful so we know to discount you.

Annual Church Meeting – 21st April @11:30
Mark your diaries for this year’s Annual Church Meeting and look out for e-mail with more information.
The Annual Revision of the Electoral Roll is about to begin. If you are over 16 years of age, have been baptised and have been attending St. Catherine’s regularly for at least six months you are eligible to join the electoral roll. More details can be found here.

WDP logoAs Christians around the world join together this Friday for the World Day of Prayer we share the following additional prayer from the World Day of Prayer Palestine Committee to go along with their 2024 programme:
We pray for women, who even now are losing children and other family members. We pray that their strength be a beacon of resilience, as they endure all challenges and pain with grace. Grant them courage to navigate adversity. And may their aspirations for peace and prosperity shine brightly in the midst of these difficulties.
In this time of war, we pray for the healing of hearts and the restoration of peace. May compassion prevail over hatred, and may the suffering of all those affected by the war be alleviated. Grant them strength, solace, and hope for a brighter and harmonious future.

We pray for all families who have lost members; for the kidnapped, the missing, and all who are still under the rubble. May the spirit of God grant them all patience and strength as they wait to be reunited. Lord Jesus, we pray for the end of all wars, especially in the land you called home. You are our Saviour, the one who taught us the real meaning of peace. Guide us and give us power to practice peace in our daily lives. Amen

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