Notices Sunday 11th April … Save the Date

This week

  • R2C – on hold. In Stuttgart and all the surrounding Landkreise the case numbers are over the 100:100000 limit and the Notbremse has been pulled. In the interests of keeping people safe:  reducing the need for travel on public transport and demonstrating our care for others through our contact reduction R2C services have been put on hold at present.
  • HomeChurch resources will be available on Sunday morning as usual.
  • ZoomCoffee, Bible Study, Zoom Compline all start again this week after the Easter break. Code from the Chaplain as usual.

Saturday May 15th -18:00 on Zoom

Full details of the procedure for signing up to attend and the conduct of this year’s ACM can be found here. Nominations for election close on 30th April, registration for attendance closes 13th May.

Whether you were able to join us on Palm Sunday for the Passion Reading or not plans are developing for the next such event…

The Service: Rogation

(for what this is or means click on the link, for a reminder of last year’s service click here)

The Date: Sunday 9th May

time yet to be confirmed (either 11.00 which is a time we know and love or 16.00 which means those from other countries – east or west – can join us)

I want to fly Rogation this year under the banner of #PlacesNotProgrammes

The Pandemic has driven political and economic, educational and social, health mental and physical into a frenzy of micro and macro management and programmes.

Few (but some yes) have recognised and admitted that a virus cannot be micromanaged into our parameters – we are not used to having terms dictated.

Rogation for us this year I would like us to reclaim our Places – please join in …….

Your task (for ALL ages and generations):
Pick a Place – where you live or work or go to school or ….?
Send in to –

  • where is your place?
  • what makes it special to You?
  • what makes it special to the area? (this might be a hospital or a lake or an industry or a park or a historical / cultural something……)
  • photographs? yes please / little peeps a drawing? yes please
  • anything else creative – a poem an artist associated with the place…. You choose

what is sent in will be assembled into a service ….. (with prayers and readings and songs and …)

please send in even if you don’t live in Stuttgart
please send in even if you can’t join in the service on the day
the more is sent in the more interesting and meaningful the service will be !!

 have  fun

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