Offering hospitality …

This Sunday 8th Sept.: Schulanfang service – children (and teachers) are invited to bring their school bags for a blessing as the new school year starts. Please let Marianne or Kara know if your child is starting or changing school.
The service is followed by our annual picnic for all the church family … more details here

Yesterday our Sunday readings invited us to reflect on the gift, exercise and calling to offer ‘Hospitality’.
The timing of which I found pertinent, given that we are about to host and cater for the CAECG from 12th – 14th September.

But what is the CAECG?
– who are these people?
– what do those letters mean?
– why are we hosting them?

CAECG – Council of Anglican and Episcopalian Churches in Germany.
This Council meets twice a year (March / September) and is made up of representatives of all the churches in Germany belonging either to the Church of England Diocese in Europe or The Episcopal Church Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
It has a number of functions.
It provides a meeting place for the chaplains to discuss a whole range of concerns, challenges and communications.
It brings together lay representatives from each congregation to spend time of learning, with their clergy, around some area of interest or relevance. This could be termed as ‘resourcing’. The theme this time round is ‘Intergenerational Work in our Churches: = Learning Together – Praying Together – Serving Together =’. St Catherine’s lay representatives are Eric Jarman and until recently also Edeltraude Siebenpfeiffer.
Along with study and reflection there is also “business” to be done as the CAECG also acts as the Deanery Synod, which reports to the Diocesan Synod (which in turn reports to General Synod – the governing body of the national church). There is therefore always at least one senior staff member present either from the Diocese in Europe, or from the Episcopalian Convocation.
This Council is “fed and watered” by the chaplaincies in turn. This time it is Stuttgart’s turn, Eric and others who have been here sometime will certainly remember this having been done in the past.
As our own meeting facilities are much too small we will be meeting in Berg (for those with long memories, upstairs from where the church office had a temporary home). The delegates will be staying in local hotels.
Next year Hamburg and Wiesbaden will be the hosts.

Hosting up to 40 delegates means help is required: Any offers to host would be much appreciated – donations of salads, cakes, help with setting up, catering, serving food and clearing away afterwards… please speak to Alison, Naomi or Renate.

The monthly news-sheet for September can be found here Newssheet_September with full details of events, memory verse, prayer diary etc.

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