St Catherine’s Annual Meeting – Saturday 18th July 2020 @18:00

Approaching fast… St. Catherine’s Annual Chaplaincy Meeting

  • pray – for the business on the agenda, for those attending, for those who have served in the past (regardless of capacity), for those serving now and indeed for God’s blessing on those who will serve in the future
  • location – in Church after Return2Church service on Saturday 18th July
  • bring – your own pen (for hygine reasons) – in case voting slips need to be completed
  • book in – if you have not already done so you Must do so please – complete the online form here. The Chaplain will send an email confirmation on FR 17th July to all who are registered!
  • Seats will be ‘named’ because of social distancing requirements. If you’ve not registered and been allocated a seat you’ll not be allowed in the building
  • catch up – for those unable to attend or unable to get in (because of restricted numbers) the Annual Report and/or Annual Accounts will be made available to read at home

grace and peace

Before the meeting we will use one the prayers below – I invite you to use them over the coming weeks…

Prayers before our Annual meeting

Heavenly Father, we come to you today asking for wisdom and support as we begin this meeting.
May everything we do begin with your inspiration and continue with your help.
We ask for guidance throughout this meeting that all of our thoughts and actions would reflect your Holy will.
Remember that all of our concerns are aimed at the spiritual transformation of our church community and all those we seek to serve in your name.
We do ask you to grant us the grace to love you and our neighbours more perfectly.
And to remind us that all we do here today is for the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of you.
We ask all these things in your name.

Lord God, we thank you for bringing us together tonight after our different sorts of days;
for the privilege of being able to serve you through helping administer the business of your church here;
and for the many gifts you have given us which enable that.
Please help us to recognise and honour those gifts in ourselves and in one other;
give us the grace to allow each one to individually blossom;
and show us how to use them to complement each other, so that we may grow ever closer to what you need us to be as a Council.
As we work through the agenda tonight, we pray that your spirit may move freely among us, guiding us with the mind of Christ, so that the practicalities and other concerns are underpinned by your will and dealt with in peace, truth and above all, love.
We ask this in the name of your Son, our Saviour, whom we love and adore.

Notices for Sunday 21st June

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