CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS 30th October 2018

I would like this week to ‘muse’ about Christian Initiation and Formation.

Those of you who attend worship more regularly will by now know that I see Baptism not only as a way of welcoming new members (whatever size) but as the theological basis for Vocation. I see that lived out by our children every week as they clear up church after the service ends. The Baptised want to serve. The immobile and housebound nonagenarians I used to take communion to in their homes, served in prayer. The Baptised have a Vocation until they go sing Alleluias in Glory.

If Baptism marks the beginning of Vocation, then Formation helps to guide it. This is why we offer over time, a wide ranging preaching programme, a weekly Bible-study, now also a home-group, and of course our excellent Sunday School programme. During Lent there will be something offered for that time too. There are many who do not connect with any of that which might be because it doesn’t fit with life and their other commitments at the moment, or it might be because we have not yet offered the right thing – if that is you please talk to me !
I would like to add 2 more items please for our consideration this week.

Youth – we don’t have many of these at the moment. As time passes, our very cute youngsters currently aged younger than 10, will before long creep up the years…… I want something exciting and wholesome and challenging in place long before that happens. Our current pre teens will I hope help me form and shape the beginnings of such a group and programme. I am aiming at approx. 10-14 years after which they can become ‘young adult’ helpers in whatever area of Vocation suits them. My hope had been to launch something this autumn and I am grateful for those parents who have shown an interest. For a variety of reasons that has not yet been possible. It now makes sense for a launch in late spring….. watch this space and please also pray and please also talk to me.

Confirmation – while realising that many of us do not come from an Anglican background, I would like to extend again the invitation to join such a group, even if it helps to think through clearly why you may Not wish to be confirmed. In the next week I will be posting a small leaflet on the website explaining a little more of what is meant by Confirmation. I hope it helps. I may also put on a ‘taster’ session.

May we all know God’s blessing in the life and ministry he calls each of us to.

– we pray for the many of our church family who are or recently have been ill and we pray for their recovery and for those who care for them
– we pray the many world events which need our prayers
– All Souls – this friday and so we pray for the bereaved

To all those who helped with the Book and Bake Sale as part of the American Days programme and all those who came to buy. We raised over 650Euro.

– I would like to gather together a confirmation group – not urgent but if you have not been confirmed have a think and pray about this, talk with family/ friends, talk with me….. i am posting some details about what Confirmation is, on the website.
– I am also aware that many have not yet signed off the Data Protection form…..

Baptism on 04.11. to welcome William – parents please note bring Baptism Candles for all children – we will light the lot at the end of the service……
Bazaar on 1st December
Have you thought what you might do for the St. Catherine’s Bazaar on Saturday 1st December? Is it time to start making Chunky Chutney out of those last few green tomatoes?

Or planning your baking? Or getting creative? Or putting the date in your diary to help on the day? Alison will be putting out an appeal in this week’s newsletter. http://stcatherines-stuttgart.de/category/notices/ – what could you do?

– we pray for any newcomers that they might feel truly welcome among us and as they discern what gifts God is calling them to share among us
– we pray that too for those who live a long way from Stuttgart but feel part of the St Catherine’s church family

Chaplain – every Monday: 14.30 – 16.00 and every Saturday: 11.00 – 12.30
If I am not there at these times there will be a very good reason !
Chaplaincy Administrator aka the lovely Lauris – every Thursday: 10.00 – 12.00

I am also at the Centre at other times so feel free to drop in – no appointment needed !

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