Patronal Festival? What’s one of those?

“WHY…” I hear you ask, “… are we having a Patronal Festival at the end of this month when we had a big celebration with the Old Catholics in July ?”
Good question.
A Patronal Festival is the celebration of the Patron Saint of a church. Ours is St Catherine of Alexandria whose saint’s day falls on 25th November and the place for us to have our Patronal Festival is therefore the Sunday nearest to that date each year. If Pentecost is the Birthday of the worldwide church, a Patronal festival or Saint’s-day is the Birthday of the local church.
A Dedication festival is the celebration of when a church was consecrated or blessed. That is what we celebrated in July, though the actual consecration date was 15th August 1858. (150 years ago)
So for our Patronal Festival at the end of this month we will focus a little on what Catherine the saint still has to offer us as saints in the 21st Century. We will of course pray for our church, its life, ministry and future. I hope we may also manage birthday cake ?? We shall certainly sing ‘Happy Birthday dear St Catherine’s…….’ and our Sunday School children will take an active part in this service.

– for the Sunday School teachers’ meeting this week and the Council meeting on 25th November.
– we pray for those full of cold, flu and other seasonal illnesses that they may recover quickly
– we pray for our children – those that come week by week and those we see occasionally
– we pray for those who receive our newsletter even though they no longer live in Stuttgart but remain ‘Friends of St Catherine’s’

– no Bible Study this Wednesday 14th November.
Patronal Festival – “Happy Birthday” St Catherine’s falls on Sunday 25.11.18
– as many as possible bring a Bible in their mother tongue on Advent Sunday 2.12.
Bazaar on 1st December – along with all the usual stalls we will be having a children’s second-hand toy and book stall. Good quality toys and books are welcome (no furry animals though please). For more information please speak to Jackie.
Alison also writes: as every year we are asking for helpers:

  • To set up the stalls on Friday evening
  • To set up the tent for the refreshments on Saturday morning
  • To man the soup kitchen and stalls: produce, Christmas items, toys, books
  • Bake cakes for Naomi’s bake stall
  • Contribute to a raffle: I have put together a basket with English produce. Could we have contributions towards a German and/or American basket? Drop off at the Anglican Centre or on the day.
  • Clear up afterwards

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Buyers, buyers, buyers! So spread the word. Flyers will be at the back of the church and in the Centre for distribution. (they should finally be dispatched today.)
Please let me know how you can help, even if it is only for a short stint during the course of the day.
Alison Seyerle –

We are putting together a “scratch” choir for leading the carols at this year’s carol service.
If you enjoy singing (maybe you were in the school or church choir in the past?) come and join in. Feel free to bring a friend too.
We will have three practices to run through the carols and make any decisions about whether we can manage to sing in parts or just concentrate on adding a unison lead for the congregation.
Dates are as follows:
Saturday 24th November – 11am – Anglican Centre
Friday 7th December – 18:00 – Anglican Centre
Sunday 16th December – 15:00-16:00 – Leonhardskirche
and of course the Carol Service itself starting at 17:00 in the Leonhardskirche
Let me know if you are interested in joining us.

– I would like to gather together a confirmation group – not urgent but if you have not been confirmed have a think and pray about this, talk with family/ friends, talk with me….. I am posting some details about what Confirmation is, on the website.
– I am also aware that many have not yet signed off the Data Protection form…..
– we are still looking for someone to offer technical help with Macs – specifically the computer variety, it’s not rained enough lately for us to need the other sort! Please contact Kara if you can help.

– we pray for any newcomers that they might feel truly welcome among us and as they discern what gifts God is calling them to share among us
– we pray that too for those who live a long way from Stuttgart but feel part of the St Catherine’s church family

Follow The Star: A Journey Through the 12 Days of Christmas
For those who enjoyed reading through the Church of England’s Lent devotional booklet, the C of E has now put together a similar booklet for the Christmas period.
‘Follow The Star: A Journey Through the 12 Days of Christmas’ is a pocket-sized booklet inviting you to travel in the footsteps of the Wise Men this Christmas to meet Jesus.
It contains 14 daily reflections, one for each day from Christmas Eve throughout the 12 days of Christmas, ending with the Epiphany on 6th January.
Each one includes a picture, a short Bible passage, a simple prayer and a challenge to reflect or act differently. Together, they form a journey through Jesus? early life ? a journey that will help you take the joy and wonder of Christmas into the year ahead.
If you would like to buy a copy of the booklet (cost 1.25 GBP plus postage), please let me know by Friday 23 November, as I will be placing a bulk order via Church House Publishing.
The book is also available for purchase as a Kindle version via Amazon.
If you’d prefer to receive the daily reflections by email, you can sign up for this from late November onwards via the Church of England website. You can also access them via an Android or iOS app.

Invitation from the Johanneskirche in Untertürkheim to an EVENSONG on 1st December – for those who aren’t still clearing up or recovering after the bazaar!

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