This is so so so Not a title I would choose for Musings not least it feels (and is) a backward step when we are all desperate to move forward.

So, in the last week we have had to close our ‘Kleiderkammer’ (part of Refugee Ministry response) for the time being and also our ‘Return2Church’ service (a way of being in church which has become important to a small, but fixed core of people).

Other fixed points in our annual calendar

  • we will have to forgo fundraisers such as the Book Sale and Bazaar this year
  • our Carol Service – worship and a contact reaching far into the Stuttgart community will have to be replaced with smaller events and even whether that can happen is not certain yet

So I want to press Rewind and start this again:

Philippians 4.4 Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I will say Rejoice.

  • We rejoice at our now extensive online worship and prayer resources for all ages
  • We rejoice at our growing online resources for children 
  • We rejoice at being able to work on our website which acts in these times as our Noticeboard – so information and updates are easily and quickly available
  • We rejoice that even in these times there are new people who find us and join in what they can
  • We rejoice at the networks of friendships that have happened via social media enabling people to keep in touch and look out for each other
  • We rejoice that the old-fashioned telephone is for some isolated people still an instrument of good news bringing another voice into their home
  • We rejoice that as established forms of vocation and ministry have had to adapt and change, New forms are also emerging – currently in the shape of Contemplation Group (for more details email chaplain who will pass you on)
  • We rejoice for all friends and family in far flung places and near by who are well and who keep in touch

Philippians 4.6 …. But in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  

So I want also to invite us to Prayer and the image I wish to use is of a surfer – let us ride this second wave (standing if confident and body boarding if hesitant)

  • We pray for those whose prime challenge is not C-19 but the other stuff of life – health and bereavement, marital and family issues, workplace nightmares and fragile financial security…
  • We pray at All Saints (01.11.) for the ‘Home Churches’ that feel and are far away and their struggles and people and ministry teams…..
  • We pray at All Souls (02.11.) for those who have been bereaved in the last 12 months and those who have marked anniversaries*
  • We pray on Remembrance Sunday (UK) (08.11.) for Peace – peace in our world and peace in our communities and peace in our homes and peace in our hearts….
  • We pray at our Patronal Festival (birthday of our church) St Catherine of Alexandria at the end of November for our church – those who are managing to keep in touch and too those who feel the connection loosening, those who feel adrift

*please let Chaplain have any names – I will be in church as I am every year on All Souls day approx. 10-11.00 to light candles for your loved ones and to pray for those who miss them still…..

 Philippians 4.7 The peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds….  4.23 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.




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